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The best sit stand desk top accessory available today. Ship UPS and installs in Minutes with no tools. 12 height settings

Classic Exercise Ball…

Highest Quality, Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball for Sitting, Stretching and Strengthening

VARIDESK Laptop 30
440.00 225.00

Built for Laptops in Small Spaces

Fitterfirst Classic…

The Ideal Disc for Sitting, Standing and Working Out

Evolution Chair

A Healthy, Energized Seating Solution

Duraball Pro Exercise…

The World's Strongest Exercise Ball

Focal Locus Seat
979.95 783.96

Comfortable Sit/Stand Chair for the Locus Workstation

VARIChair� Pro

The VARIChair® Pro delivers an upscale touch to our active seating solution with a bent plywood seat base and a wider cushioned seat. It s the perfect addition to any active workspace.
Designed to engage your leg, back and core muscles, the VARIChair Pro gives you the freedom to move throughout your day, letting you stay active even while sitting or leaning. Its low back encourages good posture while seated, and it has a wide, cushioned seat supported by a bent plywood seat base. The articulating pedestal offers a wide range of motion, so you can rock or stretch while sitting. If you choose to raise the adjustable-height stool and lean while standing, you can still work your legs, back, and core.  
If you re looking for the best standing desk chair, perch, or active seating option that also helps your posture, VARIChair is an affordable, easy-to-use way to get more flexibility from your workday. The air-lift piston also raises the seat up to 83 cm (32.75...


The VARIDESK Pro Plus Series is the most popular of the VARIDESK models. The multi-tiered desk has a top display shelf with plenty of space for monitors and paperwork, while the lower deck fits your mouse and keyboard, along with coffee cups, cell phones and more. The lower keyboard deck lifts with the display surface, and is in a fixed position.


The Exec 48 is our biggest and tallest standing desktop conversion model yet! If you re 6 1 (185.42 cm) or taller, this VARIDESK sit/stand desk delivers the height you need and the space you want for all your gear. The upper display surface is big enough for multiple monitors, papers, and other accessories, and the lower keyboard and mouse deck fits a keyboard and a mousepad or graphic tablet with plenty of room to spare. The Exec 48 holds up to 45 lbs (20.4 kg) while staying steady and solid at any height. Like all our stand up desk models, Exec 48 lets you switch easily between sitting and standing in just a few seconds, ships fully assembled and ready-to-use, and sits right on top of your existing desk, so it sets up in just minutes.

  • Free shipping
  • Designed for users up to 6'1" and taller
  • Adjusts to 23 (58.4cm) above the desktop ( 5.5 (14cm) higher than other models)
  • Two tier design: upper display surface for monitors, lower keyboard/mouse deck.
  • Switches between sitti...

  • VARIDESK Cube Corner…

    The Cube Corner 36 is a slightly smaller version of the original Cube Corner 48 standing desk. It is designed to maximize the usable space in your cubicle corner, but at 36" wide, it's still plenty big enough for dual-monitor setups. Cube Corner 36 features a two-tier design with an upper display surface for monitors and a lower keyboard and mouse deck. Like every VARIDESK standing desk model, the Cube Corner 36 comes fully assembled, sits on your existing desk, and features a patented two-handle, spring-assisted lifting mechanism that makes it easy to move up or down in just seconds with minimum effort.

  • Free shipping
  • Sized for standard cubicles: 36" (w) x 33.5" (d) (91.44 cm x 95.09 cm)
  • Holds up to 35 lbs (15.8 kg)
  • Sits on top of existing desk
  • Sturdy and stable even when fully extended
  • Large work surface accommodates dual-monitor configuration
  • 2 tiers: top display surface, lower keyboard/mouse deck
  • Designed for users up to 6'0"
  • For users ...


    Built for Laptops in Small Spaces

    VARIDESK Soho White

    Built for Laptops in Small Spaces