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XCo Trainer
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Xco provides a total-body workout. Perfect for home, clinic, gym or club use. Improves muscle tone and definition while enhancing cardiovascular fitness. Strengthens the entire 3-dimensional structure of muscle and connective tissue. Xco Training produces results based on the principles of "Reactive Impact" and 3-Dimensional Freedom of Movement. Its sleek design consists of an anodized aluminum tube filled with a special flowing granulate. 600g

Professional Rocker…

The Ideal Board for Rehabilitation and Balance Training Beginners

Airex Pilates 190
119.95 107.95

High Quality and Functional Pilates/Yoga Mat

Fitterfirst Classic…

A Yoga and Stretching Essential

Fitterfirst Classic…
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The Fitterfirst Classic Foam Roller is the ideal roller for anyone looking to incorporate foam rolling into their exercise routine. Foam rollers help improve flexibility and stability through myofascial release and increase core strength and stability. Great for rolling out the IT band or back or anywhere else your muscles are tight and restricting movement. � Medium firmness open-cell foam� Available in 18� and 36� inch lengths and in full or half-round models� Manufactured in the USA

Travel Roller

The Original Eco-Friendly High-Performance Foam Roller

Lifeline Weighted Jump…

Maximize Your Cardio and Muscular Endurance

StrongBoard Balance

The Ultimate Strength Training Hybrid

Smart Quick Handle-Triple…

Most Versatile Handle for Your Resistance Training

Lifeline Jungle Gym…

Versatile Bodyweight Training System

Cyclone Ball
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A strong medicine type ball, Cyclone Ball has a thick rope running through its core that extends into a handle for the user. Cyclone Ball is tough, durable and provides a challenging workout - great for rotation, power and core stability training. The Cyclone Ball rope is a premium quality double braid nylon rope (20mm & 24mm), also known as "Yacht Braid". They are constructed of a hollow braided rope, which acts as a core inside another braided rope. The combination of the 2 ropes in 1 results in a rope with a torque free construction and a higher tensile strength than is commonly found in twisted ropes. They have excellent flexibility and handling characteristics.

TRX Home
179.95 161.95

Suspension Trainer

BOSU Ballast Ball -…

BOSU Balance Trainers Challenge Like Nothing Else!