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Fitterfirst offers an amazing selection of Active Office and Functional Fitness equipment. See and Try 100's of unique product that offer proven health benefits at home, in the Gym and at the office. Fitter is the exclusive distributor of the new Varidesk sit stand desk topper. Varidesk makes any desk into a sit stand desk in minutes with no tools and for under $400. Fitter is your leading source for balance training, massage and range of motion products to exceed all your needs. Leading the world to better balance since 1985 and helping transform your work environment from a Health liability into a healthy asset.

Brands: Professional Balance Boards, Varidesk, Swopper, Muvman, Classic fitness balls, TRX, Bodyblade, Bosu ball, Soft Boards, Bongo Boards, Lifeline, Acuball, Classic Foam rollers, Travel Rollers, Back Knobber, Pro Stretch, Slant Board, Tiger Tail, Sit Disc, Pro Fitter, Slide Board, Focal Desks, Jungle Gym,

Keywords: Balance training, sit stand desks, Varidesk, Swopper, Muvman, active sitting, active office, fitness balls, exercise balls, TRX, Bodyblade, Bosu ball, resistance tubing, shoulder rehab, knee rehab, ankle rehab, hip rehab, Mobility aids, Ski trainers, soft boards, bongo boards, lifeline, acuball, foam rollers, travel rollers, back knobber, pro stretch, slant board, tiger tail massage stick,

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Calgary, AB, Canada T2G 4M6

Give Us a call on: 1 (403) 243-6830 OR 1-800-fitter1 (1-800-348-8371)
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Fitterfirst is closed Sat. Sun. and Monday of long weekends in June, July and August. Exclusive distributors of Varidesk in Canada. Lets us help Revive Your 9 to 5